About Weatherpix Stock Images

Gene carried his initial interest of severe storms in the early to mid 1970s around the Dallas/Ft Worth area to an actual proactive stance in 1981 when he began pursuing these fascinating storms by automobile. He worked as a student research assistant at NSSL from the late 80s through the early 1990s and became a professional weather photographer after starting WeatherPix Stock Images in the mid 90s. In 1995 Gene had the fortunate opportunity to star in a television commercial for Volvo motorcars which involved the worlds largest free-standing man-made vortex machine developed by Reelefx. This commercial entitled "Twister" won top honors by receiving a coveted Gold award at Cannes Film Festival and several Clio awards among others.

Gene has worked on and contributed to numerous documentaries including several NOVA specials and a National Geographic Society expedition involving instrument deployments in the paths of tornadoes and was also the principal guide for the National Geographic/NSF Imax film "Forces of Nature".